How to hang my hammock?

by Live hammock

To get the most out of your hammock, you will need to find a place with enough space and a way to hang it. The model you choose will also depend on the space available, there are hammocks of different lengths and different styles. For example, the hammock chair can be the smart choice if you don't have a lot of space, like on a small terrace or balcony.

A hammock can also be installed indoors, outdoors, on a veranda or on a balcony. Outside, try to find a shaded place or do not forget the sunscreen, the risk of losing track of time and falling asleep in your hammock is not negligible, you should not end up with a sunburn at awakening. There are models of hammocks specially designed for outdoor use, they are made with materials that resist weathering and whose color does not fade due to the UV rays of the sun.

Inside a hammock chair in the living room will have its effect and will advantageously replace an armchair. In the child's bedroom, a hammock also has its place, your children will spend hours daydreaming, reading and playing there. If you have enough room to have a hammock inside, decorate it with a few cushions, it will bring a touch of decoration and an atmosphere of lightness and tranquility, in a word of vacation.


How much space is needed?

Take X being the spacing between the two fixing points, to obtain an ideal arc, the hammock must then be fixed at a height Y equivalent to half the spacing. Take for example a spacing of 4 meters, your hammock should then be fixed at a height of 2 meters.

If the space is larger than the length of the hammock, you can use ropes to "lengthen" the hammock, you will need to put an equal length of rope on each side.

A properly installed hammock will then have the shape or rather the same arch as a banana. If your hammock is too tight, you can extend it at both ends using a rope until you get the ideal curve.


Hang a hammock between two trees

You will first need to find two trees with sufficient spacing and which are sufficiently robust to support your weight.

You will then use two ropes which will be tied around the trunk of the tree and connected to the hammock. You can protect the bark by putting a cloth between the rope and the bark. If the branches are strong enough you can also attach the hammock to a branch rather than the trunk.

If the trees are too far from the length of your hammock, you can take longer ropes and fix them higher in height so that your hammock takes the right

Hang a hammock between two walls

For hanging the hammock indoors or on a terrace, be sure to fix your hammock in solid walls (concrete or brick). Make sure you're using the right hardware and the right dowels. You will find at different fixing solutions.

Respect the distances and heights as described above.

You can fix in the wall hooks on which you will come to fix your hammock, with this installation you can easily put and remove the hammock according to your desires.

Of course you can also mix the solutions and fix your hammock on one side to a wall and the other to a tree.

Hang a hammock on the ceiling

Attaching the hammock directly to the ceiling or in a solid beam is also an option. As with wall mounting, be sure to mount the hammock in a solid ceiling and never in a false ceiling.

For a ceiling at a height of 2.5m, you will space your fixing points by 5 meters and you will adapt the length of the ropes until you get the right curve for your hammock.

If you opt for a hammock chair, it is fixed to the ceiling, there is only one fixing point which is in the middle of the hammock bar.

Hammock stand

In metal or wood, there are supports for hammocks. Easy to assemble, you can place it wherever you want and you can easily move it.